it takes two: riders
(July 2004)

Until this one and the Zardak swiftie, no interview had come near to the brevity of the shortest interview for Robots. That was with By Coastal Cafe who also hold the record for the shortest demo ever reviewed by us. It's surely no coincidence that Riders run them close on that score too, especially when you find that Martin Lilya is (and was) half of both bands.

Compactness is only one facet of the beauty in Riders' songs; the one-take vibe is another; the microtunes are a third and the inclusion of the incidental a fourth. If the phone rings in the background while Amy is singing, it stays as long as the vibe is right. If you can hear the tape recorder running or knuckles dragging on the strings or the clicks of the toy keyboard, so what? It's all about the song. Riders are Martin and Amy.

Martin: Oh NO!

Amy: What? What are you saying??

M: The whole day is gone now!

A: wanted to have 3 pints and watch the game at 3 in the middle of the day. Then we ate a huge potato salad. Of course we fell asleep!

M: (staring)

A: I was gonna get up and make some coffee. But now you're so annoying that I can't even move and I have to lay here and think about all the annoying things you've done!

M: What? Like What?

A: Well...there was the time we biked all the way up to Dyckman St. cuz you thought they had a package for you at some shipping place called Cbs.

M: That wasn't annoying. It wasn't even my fault. They told me they had my package!

A: Yeah right! This guy called your brand new cell phone and you assumed it was for you even tho you could barely understand him at all. He said something about a package waiting for you and you INSISTED on going all the way up to Washington Hts to get it.

M: Is that how it happened?

A: Yeah, so we traveled for over an hour on the bikes, and up there we found CVS Pharmacy at that address. Those people thought we were bananas.

M: Right...

A: It turned out to be the guy at the photo-lab calling people who never picked up their photos! I wish he just gave us the photos anyway. Wonder what they were.

M: Yeh, and Dyckman was the Delancey of Washington Hts and you bought that yellow t-shirt for 99 cents.

A: So it wasn't all that bad.

M: Plus that's the day we got the name Riders. While we were sitting at the top of Fort Tryon Park. If we never biked all the way up to the top of that hill at the top of manhattan, staring at the Hudson River, we might be called Poop Shoot or something.

A: Yeah, it wasn't all that bad. Let's go to the post office.


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