it takes two: mynameiszardak..
(May 2004)


Mynameiszardak.. appeared on the Robots #12 CD. I didn't know much about them then and I can't say I know much more now. On Antenna records and with a direct line into The Telescopes there's a good heritage and they obviously know their (robots and electronic) onions. Message ends.

LADY ESP... mobility?

ZARDAK... fully ambulant, including stairs. mobility?

LADY ESP... usually independent [not stairs]. orientation?

ZARDAK... misidentify people, and surroundings, but can find way about. orientation?

LADY ESP... lost. communication?

ZARDAK... no effective contact. communication?

LADY ESP.. always clear. information retained. co-operation?

ZARDAK... completely resistive and withdrawn. co-operation?

LADY ESP.. actively co-operative. restlessness?

ZARDAK... constant. restlessness?

LADY ESP... intermittent. sleep?

ZARDAK... normal, hypnotics not required. sleep?

LADY ESP... disturbed even with regular and heavy sedation.


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