Agebaby/The Sweeney/Vyvyan @ Redeye, King's Cross London

Seedy dives all round everyone? Well, it seems Vyvyan really shouldn't be here. Maybe if they'd bunked off school a bit more their songs would be a little less half-formed and we'd be less embarassed by their set. Small chinks of light show at times, but it's hardly a promising picture.

No doubt about the Sweeney though---they're rather good. Spiky new-wave sounding pop tales of cars and robbing that rock rather well, with some considerable verve. However, despite them kindling a real desire in me to hear their album, I can't help thinking that they might break into "Psychokiller" any moment.

And, to be honest, on the energy front they'd do well to get in the same arena as Agebaby tonight. The London fanzine scene has been positively salivating over them for some time and this gig smacks you over the head with the reason why: Watching Agebaby is like being washed away by some kind of speed-pop ejaculation of supercool tunes. It's just so damned entertaining. Watching the drummer as he beats the living daylights out of the kit is alone worth the ticket price---imagine John Bonham doing a Keith Moon impression (with cool vocal harmonising thrown in at the same time). Then there's the ice-maiden guiarist shrieking catchy lines like "If you won't have me then I will take your brother", who quite honestly frightens the shit out of me. She plays off the too cool to care windmilling frontman who is growling and howling the best sneering tales of girls, parties and summer love. And all over the stage is the bonkers punk-as-you-like bass player with the surreal inter-song stand-up routine and an alarmingly cool 50s rock and roll voice.

So what you get is great melodies with cool guitar/vocal harmonies and brutal rhythms, alternately punctuated with total joy and spite, all tied up by precision musicianship. It's all so much yet so coherent and consistently spot on that you can't help but be assaulted by sudden visions of Top Of The Pops. Frankly, there's no wonder that we're about to see a bidding war between Dreamworks and Warner Bros. (Drew)

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