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Broadcast @ The Boatrace, Cambridge

(29th May 2003)

Broadcast recently played in New York. The distance between there and Cambridge is, geographically, large. But it's nothing compared to the gap between the culture of the two cities. Cambridge: I say, oh sorry gosh, did I? Excuse me. NYC: Hey, fuck you. And fuck your mom. And fuck her mom. But music is music and people are people and feelings are feelings and Broadcast are Broadcast and the distance is nothing, really.

Let's get this straight. I love Donna Donnelly have done for fifteen years. But I fell in love again tonight. More in love. I didn't think it was possible. I never imagined it was on the cards. But it happened. And it happened because of Broadcast.

So we'd argued on the way to the gig. Argued about the fallen-down fence between us and next door. Not very rock and roll. But, hey, fuck you. And your mum. So we got to the gig with that frosty feeling developing. And then Broadcast started.

You must know Broadcast by now. They're the theme from The Ipcress File remade by the cast of Space 1999. Or the Space 1999 theme remade by John Barry and Biba. They play music. They play with emotion. They play with my emotions. It's the beat, it's the buried 60s cadences of the vocals, it's the calm and the storm, it's the bass, it's the noises, it's the build and the fall, the ebb and the flow, no it's the groove. It's I don't know what it is, but I know that the ice melted and we forgot the fence and we got closer together and we stood at the back and we held each other and we loved each other and Broadcast played and we were bathed in the musical glow. New York, Cambridge, here, there, wherever. Broadcast touched us tonight. And it was beautiful.

[An edit of this review is in Careless Talk Cost Lives]

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