Cay @ The Junction, Cambridge (25th October 1999)

Oh Cay, sandwiched between two shining lights in the new school of dullard rock (Feeder and Subcircus), there's every chance for them to shine tonight. On record, unanimously agreed to sound not unlike the gnarly rush of Hole (especially on the rawer b-sides), live at the Junction, on the final night of this tour, there's less Hole than void. Visually the band are like a resurrected and warmed- up Sleeper and musically the band are---disastrously---like a resurrected and warmed-up Sleeper with a rockier edge and occasional glimpses of what might have been if only the music had lived up to the teasing promise of Anet Mook's Courtney rasp. Inchoative, patchy and often downright tedious, we end where we came in: Oh Cay, only OK.
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