Gag @ The Bull and Gate, London (3rd December 1999)

It sounded like Gag might've played a couple of Fall covers tonight, but it was difficult to tell for sure seeing as half the band was doing one track and the rest another. If you've ever wondered what Mike and the Mechanics might've sounded like had the Mechanics actuallly been mechanics and Mike had had a lot of problems and if the whole band had been liberally seasoned with itching powder and had the attention spans of a goldfish, hated choruses (chorii?), straight lines, tunes and anything musically obvious, yet still retained a reticent, latent, desire to create---in some strange way---pop songs, then you might give Gag a chance. They lurch, jerk and spasm, jitter, crash quiver, twang and bend in an almost bad-jazz reconstruction of the worthier end of the C86 sound as the Bull and Gate (the only venue that'll let them play) slowly fills up in anticipation of the Yummy Fur's last gig. For a free copy of the new Gag LP send a couple of first class stamps to Flitwick Records, PO Box 26, Bedford, MK45 1ZU.
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