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Grand Oral @ The Monarch (21 October 2000)

Mr Org, Sean, said he'd sign Grand Oral straight away, evidently forgetting that he actually owns a record label. That aside, what he keeps emphasising about this band is their uniqueness. They just have their own thing going on, with fairly legible influences but energy wholly unique. Asked about who/what they think they sound like, they remain impenetrably evasive and quite rightly so. Except that someone once compared them to Coldplay, which they didn't like much.

Maybe the reference came from the fact that what they do is essentially guitar-driven rock. But its sound is intricate - and difficult to describe. And nothing like Coldplay. A bit of Cable, maybe, with the guitars and without the post-rock dynamics, and a lot of other classic influences from Nirvana to Radiohead.

They seem to take themselves and what they do quite seriously but that is no bad thing. In a world full of superficiality, it's good to know there are still bands who behave like they're on a mission. (Radiant Kovacs)

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