Mogwai @ The Forum, London (16th October 1999)

Mogwai live performances always entertain me, because Mogwai clearly wish that half the audience weren't there. When Stuart Braithwaite asks for some quiet prior to playing 'Stanley Kubrick' you know that those kids who cheer when they get to the loud bits of the songs are starting to get to him. And to be fair to this band and their art, he has a point. After all, the quiet parts of Mogwai songs are (unsurprisingly) just as important as the loud bits. The thought behind the music is the mechanism that allows the frighteningly real emotional tension to build and the intent to be communicated. It's hard to describe how beautiful those manipulations of volume make these songs, and how right it often seems that there are no words. Add the ever impressive lights for maximum brain stimulation and the songs walk right into the centre of your being. From the opening nagging demand of 'Superstars of BMX' through the shattering defiled beauty of 'Helicon 1' to the final tumultuous fury of 'Like Herod', Mogwai are here to carry you away. Awesome. (Drew)
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