Neutral Milk Hotel, 12 Bar Club London

Neutral Milk Hotel are living proof that the most thrilling music does not have to be complex in its manifestation. To make such abstract and downright strange music from such simple structures takes some serious imagination from some very odd people. These people are basically having a noisy folk freakout that turns into pure buzz-pop delirium live. Four weirdoes leaping around the stage, with the really odd one singing about two-headed boys, dead and hanging men, and dissolving dogs. The drummer looks like he's having some kind of episode, staring at the ceiling as he counts himself into his moment: from whence he proceeds to belt the living shit out of the drumkit in an extremely funky manner. Then there's the two scary people dashing back and forth to pick up instruments ranging from good old guitars, through brass, to saws and accordions all of which create incredible texture to Jeff Mangum's sorrowful acoustic guitar driven songs of love gone wrong. Absolutely incredible music that simply feels vital because of the total abandon in both its genesis and realisation. Believe and submit. (Drew)

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