The Rezillos/ Emergency @ Manchester Academy 3
(4th June 2005)

Your aged reviewer tends to stand out at gigs these days, looking like your friend's very un-cool Uncle - but not at this one. Over half the crowd must have been in their forties, but a large proportion of young 'uns made this a strange mix of an audience who'd come to view a garish postcard from the past. Supporting were Emergency, who I missed first time round (circa 1982); they do/did a straightforward punk rock with humour and seem to enjoy themselves immensely.

But it was the Rezillos that people were here for, and the old hands didn't disappoint. Four of tonight's five were in the original line-up and seem to have access to some fountain of youth as many a year was rolled back with a crash. Faye Fife and Eugene Reynolds (the vocalists) in particular appeared remarkably unaltered from when they first surfed into public conciousness on the punk tidal wave twenty eight years ago. All the hits were trotted out with brisk aplomb, a catalogue of trashy glam-punk delivered with frantic comic-book insanity. Cripes they were bloody good! I'm afraid your reviewer got a bit carried away and danced a bit with the other middle-aged recidivists. On the third encore they ran out of songs (having strangely neglected their Revillos era material) and it was all over. "That was brilliant" said some-slip-of-a-girl young pup on the way out, and so youth had had its say too. And, dear reader, before you laugh too sneeringly at old rockers throwing their zimmer frames around in misplaced abandon - please remember that you'll turn into us one day. Oh, yes you will! Ha ha ha (the sound of the last laugh being laughed.) (Laurence)

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