Salaryman @ The Sausage Machine, Hope and Anchor, Islington

Des Lynam's face peers through a storm of static fog as the gentle hand of RGM coaxes the tuner on the flickering TV set to the side of her sonic laboratory equipment. She never gets the full picture though, and neither do we, Salaryman remaining mysterious throughout this intense set of droning, bleeping and eardrum-buzzing bass held together by supremely tight beats. Obvious reference points are Fridge and Stereolab, the experimental end of the post-rock crowd, but with all pretence of East-European cool rejected and a dollop of Funk slapped in its place. The venue is a sweatbox tonight, packed solid and no air-conditioning, but no-one's leaving, the atmosphere is charged giving the songs from the eponymous LP (reviewed elsewhere) a new sense of THRILL, most clearly seen on the re-worked "New Centurions" with its helicopter rotor-blade samples twisting in and out of the beat and the groove seeming to go on forever.
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