The Subways @ Manchester Academy
(3rd March 2005)

A new band that came to prominence after winning a contest and gaining a spot at last year's Glastonbury, now they're grafting to promote a new single. A three-piece with a lot going for them, they turn in a brisk set with plenty of energy and polish. The attractive female bassist constantly pulls up a strap that constantly slips back down off a smooth shoulder (a small touch that may not be a complete accident) whilst giving her blonde mop a good shaking. The singer/guitarist's delivery is intense, he and the bassist are an item apparently. They dance and shake like crazed puppets whilst the drummer lays down an impressive barrage. You get a powerful, tight, and committed performance from a band who've got all the moves and are trying so hard. All they need is some decent tunes and they may avoid being consigned to the lost legions of forgotten wannabes. (Laurence)

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