Vasquez/ The Conway Story/ Bobbie's Millions/ Lodestone @ Cuba Café, Manchester
(3rd June 2005)

Quite a polished selection, this lot all told. All guitar bands. Vaquez crack on with it, sounding like a band you'd hear down the bill at some summer festival - proficient, reliable and tight indie-rock. The Conway Story have a broader range with keyboards supplementing their guitars, and display some ambition; musically and professionally. They've got some good tunes and in places sound like a Coldplay-with-balls, and in others as though they'd like to be. They look and sound like someone's sat down and thought out a formula for the archetypal cool indie band, which has then gone into production with this the result.

Bobbie's Millions, on the other hand, very much appear to belong to the kids-who-just-wanna-have-fun school of music making and rock hard and yell loud to this laudable end. Finishing things off are Lodestone, the only band this evening to encounter sound problems. This doesn't obscure their melodies though, and after a faltering start they grow in confidence; the boy/girl vocals sounding good as their big tunes come together despite some iffy guitar PA. In the end it's them and not The Conway Story that are the stars of this particular show. (Laurence)

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