Wildhearts/Groop Dogdrill @ The Junction, Cambridge

The canine openers stole this show without a doubt. The Wildhearts, despite showing excellent judgement of distortion on their new material--making it just the right side of unlistenable--appeared to have 4 drummers and no ears this evening. There's no two ways about it, they just sounded shit, apart from around 30 seconds when the sound cleared up and suddenly 3 of the drumkits transformed into lead, rhythm and bass guitars, before the quicksand acoustics gobbled them back up. We left.

We stayed for Groop Dogdrill though and what a good decision it was; sweat-drenched and splenetic blues-based hellfire galore. Obvious reference points are John Spencer and Quadrajets but they're worthy of a pigeohole all of their own, get out and see 'em now. There's a new single in September.

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