310, Prague rock e.p. (white) 12"

Following the vinyl kleptomania of the recent Black Helicopters' record, Leaf again ransack the vaults of popular culture, again avoid serious copyright difficulties by keeping the label white and again limit availability (1000 copies only). This record is the UK debut for production duo 310 although they're 2 albums old in their native USA. Fellow Americans might spot the phonetic gag in the title when I tell you that this release splices up a Jurassic Park mix of prog rock dinosaurs---one track each for Genesis, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull and, yes, Yes. It's crazy, but it just works---a snippet of interview opens each track and 310 blend segments of 6 or so songs with a crunching beat, reverence and gravitas. A colossal task and a spot-on result. Best for me is "Trustus," the Floyd remake.
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