The Argos Fiasco/Le Liberateurs, Evidence from the seance room (Dada Tapes) TAPE

Paul Mckenna guests, uncredited, on the Argos Fiasco's massively remixed relaxation tape. Splices of the satanic hyno-entertainer are dropped into cyclic ambient washes, bits of drug documentary, typewriter keys being pressed, swift drum'n'bass and Satie recorded from the far end of a church hall to create a tape which, its makers claim, is a "palate cleanser". Certainly much less full-on than their previous offering, but still cut-loose and context-free.

On the other side, Le Liberateurs pick and mix drum breaks from their favourite jungle and gabba and run them together in the kind of aural onslaught that the word barrage might've been coined for. Not quite in the DHR league yet, but add a distortion pedal and they'd be close. Best for me is the mangling of harsh beats and a stylish jazz trumpet which might (hard to keep track of the tracks) be known as "Waiting for him to die." Nice. 30 Wiltshire Ave, Burton Upon Stather, Scunthorpe, N. Lincs DN15 9ER

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