American Girls, Welcome to our lovesick porch (Manifesto)

It's hard to pin down any direct comparisons to the American Girls. The best I could come up with was the Housemartins (occasionally) and, from their press pack, it appears that other reviewers have had the same problem and found the same answer...

Several tracks stand out: 'Mr Entertainment' and 'Plunger' have glorious stop/start-loud/soft dynamics, not a new idea but perfectly executed and fresh sounding. 'Laundry song' is the one that reminds me most strongly of the Housemartins, it's a timely change in tempo for the LP too. 'William's week' is catchy in the extreme. if there's going to be a single off the lp, then this should be it. Finally, 'Minnesota girl' stands out cos of the style - sparse with distorted vocals. almost sounds like the Boo Radleys with perhaps a hint of Talking Heads. Two beeps recur through out the track and interestingly sound like they've been lifted from a track called 'Slap my belly' by A Guy Called Gerald & Jane.

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