Android Lust, Foreign body

Lazy one word review: industrial....

....but dig a little deeper and you'll find plenty that an industrial tag might not initially suggest. Sure, there's distorted vocals---but they're distorted a la Ruby, not Jourgenson---sure, there's plodding clanking beats and growling bass---but they have an edge that smacks of intelligence and not drum-machine-on-auto-pilot---and sure, there are hints of Depeche Mode---but we're talking the good bits.

Three tracks here, first is best: No going back, the hardest track, Down is the last track on the tape, a goth-tinged number and loads better than Red stains, track number two and easily the weakest here.

I don't have an email address for them, but write to: Michael Sheferman, PO Box 8283 Saddlebrock, NJ 07663-8283, USA

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