The Argos Fiasco, Eat first think later TAPE

The big fiasco at Argos as far as I'm concerned is the ridiculous twice-to-queue system they operate but, on the basis of this 90-minute cut'n'paste selection, I'd guess the fiasco in question in one in which a radio which cannot stay tuned to any given station and a CD player which always skips were purchased. Once upon a time I'd have called this stuff tape manipulation but I guess that's just me showing my age and it's actually all hard disc and sampler trickery these days. The source material is film, TV, radio and pop songs, all treated to a ruthless cropping and distorted by pedal tomfoolery interspersed with interference and transformer hum. Perhaps its a comment on the avidity with which we consume media product without due consideration, perhaps just an appealing audio collage or perhaps just taking the piss...As I said in the Job LP review, it suits my mood right now and it complements this J.G. Ballard book I'm reading to a T. 2 quid, P. Money, 30 Wiltshire Ace, Burton Upon Stather, Scunthorpe, DN15 9ER
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