The Bikini Beach Band, Leave Home (Stim) CD

Essentially the same concept as the Bloco Vomit record from earlier this year: take some genre---in this case Hawaiian surf/lounge---and cover a load of songs not normally associated with it. But, and here's the thing that always catches your indie heroes out, do it without self-knowning smug irony. So, we get "Anarchy in the UK", "Popcorn", "A design for life" and, best of all, a segue from "Gimme gimme gimme" into "Smells like teen spirit" all crafted with loving care into relaxed but valid, gently swaying, facsimiles of the originals. There's humour here as well of course, the band all claim to be sons of one committed wild oats-sower Jesus Escavido who only met at his funeral. Like a long cool drink on a hot day, the Bikini Beach Band refresh, it's just a shame they didn't cover the Chemical Brothers' title track.
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