B.L. Underwood, Transmission One (Stone the Kubist) CD

So this is that "intelligent techno" then? It's trance mainly, atmospheric trance though, which is not prepared merely to wallop 4-4 shades of shit out of the sequencer, instead taking the acid lines and dropping them over interesting beats along with the kind of FX that have garnered the AFX comparisons. Never content to leave well-alone, you will not find B.L., whistle to lips, arms in the air, dayglo hot-pants a-wiggling, pounding on a riff for five minutes to create the kind of tedium that makes a breakdown a relief, rather it's a change every four bars, if not less, and---to be honest---some of these tracks are not even remotely uplifting. Take "Mezzo" for example, a tense and edgy gloom-electro soundtrack. Or "Tectonic", a real rocker. Two good reasons to get the album, then.
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