Gold Blade, Drop the bomb (Ultimate) CD

The Blade are back with a second helping of their jump-up inspirational Rock'n'Roll. "Drop the bomb" opens with "Home turf", revisiting the last record for the old fan and laying down the ground rules for the new: Ramones punk, Stax brass and a Billy Fury gold lame suit and quiff to get you pogo-ing for the cause. The singles from the album ("16 tons" and "Hairstyle") follow the same pattern, more-or-less: adrenalin-pumping glammed-up pop both. Elsewhere though, the formula has been developed. The soul that was buried under the punkish onslaught of the debut has risen, like cream, to the surface on this record; the horns are more prominent and John Robb adopts a role less like a rampaging prophet and more like a gospel preacher. No less up-for-it, but much more considered, "Let's see those hands" is pure call-and-response evangelicism set to a spartan proto-Doors swirl. I bet they're still sharp (ha hah hah) as ever live though.
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