Richard Bone/Vox Orbita, X considers Y/Vox orbita (both Quirkworks)

Two from the Quirkworks back-catalogue; the first is solo Bone, electronic instrumentalist by trade, in vocals-and-trad-song-structure mode. He's not bad at it either, the title track and accompanying remix along with "Going underground" (sadly not a Jam cover) really do the business, sounding for all the world like lost old-school Art of Noise tracks.

For Vox Orbita, three vocalists are roped-in and fed into the vocoder for processing. The music here is less beat-led, a more fragile beast; light and repetitious backing, wierd snatches of old Jazz records, those heavily treated vocals and a dose of something damn groovy combine to give a (CLICHE ALERT) ethereal experience. Very different to "X considers Y" but wholly recommended.

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