Various, Brighton Crawl (Melting Vinyl) 7"

From the self-styled busiest PO Box in Brighton", Melting Vinyl bring you their post-crawl hangover cure: 4 tracks from Gildel Lil, Crest, Mellow and Bette Davis and the Balconettes. Lil donate "Nothing fancy Nancy", a Beefhearty lurch recorded in a faraway shed but still magic; Crest's "68 comeback" is pedal steel indie of the kind Shoeshine have been doling out recently; Mellow are mellow both by name, nature and song title, dreamy French synthstuff; and Bette Davis top the lot off with a bloody marvellous trash blast and bonus rude-sounding title: "Big pussy sounds". Well worth 2 quid. PO Box 2927, Brighton, BN1 3SX.
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