Various, The broken voice (Suburbs of Hell/The Sprawl Imprint)

Bursting forth from the Sprawl Club, this compilation features 11 new and (almost) exclusive tracks from such luminaries as Scanner, Immersion and Daniel Pemberton, many of whom have played at the club in the last year or so.

Innovation is the order of the day; in fact this CD-only release is ground-breaking in several aspects, not least in that it is a compilation with no shit tracks! The three artists mentioned above all do the business (Immersion's track pops up on the new Swim records compilation too, though); Pemberton's "Cornholio" rules, man, it rules, although it is perhaps a little over-long. But it's the lesser-known MRM with a startling opener (think Aphex/Mu-Ziq), V-Neck with a wiggling, bouncing space cow of a track (when you hear the noise, you'll know what I mean) and Shenton Engine's monolithic beast-fest that impress.

For me, this is on a par with the recent "Blech" compilation on Warp, and it's not mixed. What more could you want?

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