Burnweed, Masterpeace (..the Zen of lo-fi) (Sly Van) CD

"It's all about love and insanity" says Lee D'Onofrio the main man behind not only Burnweed and Sly Van but also an immensely complex Stone Roses conspiracy theory by the name of OneLoveStory. Insanity eh? Well, perhaps. Ian Brown himself crops up on "Sally's back", the internet-only single, a buzzing techno doodle with interview samples although the most obviously Roses-influenced track "Bitch is gonna come soon" has a vocal more reminiscent of Jason Pierce. The remainder of the album lives up to its sub title, meandering through genre boundaries with the nonchalance of those whose creativity is bounded by their imagination rather than their bog-standard 4-track...songs, noises, answering machines and electronics. It's all there: lovely and insane.
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