7°, Chromatic (Orphea)

There's a Dutch band, The Nozems, that supported Senseless Things at the peak of their popularity, they play a tuneful and melodic brand of punk-informed pop and are the first band that come to mind on hearing this album. Sadly, apart from an LP available at gigs, The Nozems never got decent distribution over here and it took a trip to Holland to secure a copy of their second record. Let's hope the same fate does not befall 7° and their debut release; it's a punky affair for sure, but there's a dash of new wave in the pot and something of their own too. Not afraid to slow things down, but never far away from kicking out the jams (motherfucker) they sound best on "Rat" where squealing guitar lines race along at breakneck speed and there's barely enough time for singer JP to spit out the lyrics as the rhythm section clatters along like a bag of bricks on a broken roller skate.
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