Various, Chunk 2 (Crash the Luau) TAPE

Second freebie compilation from CtL, this time broadening things out to 8 bands from five labels. We kick off with the three bands from last time around: Tweaked, Tone Deaf Teens and 7 Degrees North. The former turn in another throwaway, Green Dayish punk-pop affair and the latter a funky/scratchy vaguely Jane's Addiction track but TDT produce a classy grunge-meets-60's harmonies genuine pop classic by the name of "Prime time kumquat". Last up are the Creepers (presumably not Marc Riley's old band relocated to Hawaii on their royalties) who give us a slice of ska. Side 2 begins with Broken Man's deathly metal "Father", moves up a gear for the anti-social noise-thuggery of the (aptly named) Generic, and intensifies with the thrashing of Theocracy A.D. The best is definitely saved til last though, as Raging F?!khell trash their way through "Dead bird" a sick, walkman recording of distorted guitar and cardboard box drums. or PO Box 1651, Pearl City, Hawaii 96782.
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