Cobra Killer, Cobra killer (DHR) CD

You know how some things can make you laugh for ages? Well, this from the press release did it for me: " the Cobra Killer universe it was at the top for 23 weeks and stopped Take Twat having their 14th consecutive number 1." I'm chuckling even now. The song in question is "Six secs", one of a number of highlights on this charity shop sample/loop/scream extravaganza stapled together by Gina (EC8OR) and Annika (Shizuo). On the one hand it's exactly like all the other DHR releases: speed, distortion and shouting, but on the other it's completely unlike everything else on the label because the sample sources are so different. This time it's not rampant hardcore jungle at the double, instead the songs are based on much tamer pop breaks and it sounds FRESH! Like the recent Solex LP recorded off a radio with bad reception onto wax cylinders or the Shizuo record with the wrong sample disk, it's a mix-match of snippets of the familar cobbled together with revolutionary zeal. The technique and technology are rudimentary but the result is extraordinary. Unequivocally the best record on Digital Hardcore in ages.
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