Colin Newman, Bastard (Swim) CD

One for the headphones this, it's not as immediate as much of the output from Swim has been and is certainly not aimed directly at the floor although it's got some pretty up-for-it moments. The mood is reflective throughout, mellow fuzz guitar drifts over a wide variety of beats, always intriguing and always deeper than first impressions might suggest, repeated listenings will be rewarded. The catechism that serves as a press release notes the different sound: "the album reflects a lot of the music we were listening to...we loved the idea of people twisting what Rock Music was and what it should become...Post Rock was a superb concept, but it had one serious flaw." Which was? "Most of it didn't rock!". Not a problem here, and if you get your skates on you can pick up the limited edition double CD.
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