Dent, Stimmung (Magnetic)


To create your own Dent-a-like LP, you will require the following:


Take all of the above ingredients and the random number generator to the studio. Use the generator, and some numbering system of your own devising, to select your initial sonic arsenal from those instruments available. Turn on the tape machine and begin playing.

Record for a week solid. Any time you feel like it, stop and change your instrument.

At the end of the week you will have 168 hours of unlistenable shit.

Oh. Did I miss something? Ah, yes--you need to have been doing this for years. Better still, to have been a member of Camper Van Beethoven and been doing it for years...


The actual identity of the band is something of a mystery, although it can be safely assumed that two ex-members of Camper did take part. To be honest though, there's bigger mysteries to be solved here. For example: why the album slides from the way-out experimentalism and weirdness of make me 1 w/everything to a vaguely commercial apex at trajectory (although featuring a riff that would shift units on the alternative rock circuit, this remains only "vaguely commercial" by virtue of being an instrumental. And slightly weird). It then switches, for three songs, to country-pop before slinking off into (speaking relatively) straightforward left-field guitar territory. With added weirdness.

If "eclectic" to you is when Green Day change their guitar tone, or McDonalds put two burgers in one bun, then steer clear of this album. If however, you take your pepperoni pizza with extra cream and can stomach the idea of an album with something other than one song reworked ten times, then you should buy Stimmung now.

The next album is slated to be techno. Now, where's that peanut butter and engine oil sandwich?

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