Various, The glory of destruction (Catastrophe) CD

Collecting together a gaggle of darkish techno types, "The glory of destruction" centres itself loosely in the NorthWest US ambient/noise/industrial scene and thus this disc is of the expected high quality. The usual compilation rules apply, so I'll just mention the personal highs: PX5's "Undercut (Transistormix)" is a vaguely trancey doodle, sexwithsarah grope low for the dirty groove of "spread.suckMIX" and BISENDE plump for a lo-fi maudlin guitar and slovenly beatbox for max atmospherics in a spartan goth manner while Tyrophex 14 have obviously been beating metal for their ferocious techno "Deathbox". PO Box 2154 Seattle, WA 98101-2154 USA or,
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