Discordia, Muzico Discordia CD

As far as I'm concerned, the perfect length for an album is 30 minutes and 10 tracks. Discordia beats this by a nose at 28 and 8---close enough for me. Limited to just 100 copies on this CDR release, "Muzico Discordia" represents the musical state of the nation in this little-known principality (located near Leicester---and that's a clue) by collecting together the national anthem, a folk song and a prayer to the weather with several pieces inspired by the country itself, for example "The sound of Eris, Discordia's capital". And that sound? Much like the rest of the LP it's a base of drum loops towards the speedier end of the hip hop BPM range, TV/film samples (including what sounds like the start of the ITV weather jingle), layers of groove synth and bass with more than a passing ear for the funky side. It's where instrumental hip hop and space pop merge, a faster, crisper version of DJ Shadow or Mantronik vs. Scala.
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