Diverje, Electrodiums/The Passage (Decomposed Skunk Bud)

Originally slated as two separate releases, those nice folk over at Decomposed Skunk Bud Productions have squeezed both Electrodiums and The Passage onto one disc for your budget-friendly listening pleasure. Having plunged deep into your wallet then, you'll get 2 LP's worth of electro-industrial from a couple of Albuquerque scene regulars Tommy T Rapsardi and Michael Ostrander, formerly of Detestation and Enforcer respectively.

Most of the tracks on Electrodiums plough a pretty similar furrow: distorto vocals, upfront guitar and keyboards and relatively tinny drums. For my taste, the drums need to be a lot more powerful, have stacks more bass and be much higher in the mix. When I listen to industrial music, I'm expecting pounding rhythms straight from Lucifer's smithy. There are a couple of standout tracks: opener Let me cut and the more aggressive Take the pain.

The Passage is a very different story though. Stylistically more varied it contains a couple of electro tracks, a couple of re-released Detestation songs and an instrumental, along with 4 mined from the same seam that produced Electrodiums. It seems to be richer at this point though, producing a fuller, heavier sound with more groove and a bit more attitude. The fact that things are mixed up on this half of the disc makes for a more rounded listen and elevates Diverje way above what Electrodiums alone might suggest.

If I was releasing this, I'd make it a single album with one or two tracks from Electrodiums and all the material from The Passage. As it is, only hardcore "electro cyber metal" fans will really get into the first half. However, as it currently contains all that I've recommended plus 7 or 8 other tracks, it's a bargain! So buy it now.

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