Daniel Johnston, Dream Scream (Pickled Egg) 7"

There's something about the harrowing plaintiveness in the legendary Daniel Johnston's voice that makes it very hard for me to listen to him for more than 3 or 4 songs without getting the same feeling I'd have if Edward Scissorhands ran his nails down a mile-high blackboard. Luckily, as there's only 2 tracks here (his first release in 4 years), I'm able to see the skewed genius in these bare bones, heart and soul compositions without cracking up myself. Just. "Dream scream" is suicidal, even Johnston's breathing, picked up off-mic, drips despair and regret: "I thought I was loved, what a fool I was". Jesus, where are the razor blades? "Funeral girl" starts slow, a post-death lovelorn lament accompanied by just piano which suddenly kicks into seaside 60's soul, all wurlitzer and sax parps. I genuinely don't know how to describe this other than to say it's home-made, honest, affecting, intense and you really should listen to it. 19 College Ave, Leicester, LE2 0JF.
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