Dogboy, Dogboy e.p. 7"

3 tracks from these young pups, on a self-released one-sided 7". The first two songs are snappy speed guitar pop of the kind purveyed by near-neighbours Midget---amongst others---the youthful brash exuberance of 3 chords and a lovelorn lyric. There's no fat on these cuts, both breezing in under 2 minutes they're fine examples of the genre. The best is saved for last though, "Everything sucks when you're not around" is 30 seconds of Ben Lee (of Noise Addict, now signed to Grand Royal) acoustic adolescent yearnings. A real tear-jerker and the reason this disc is a necessary purchase. 28 Wheatsheaf Rd, Alconbury Weston, Huntingdon, PE17 5LF
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