Dalmatian Rex and the Eigentones, We don't make toothpaste for anyone else (Sorted) CD

Frank Zappa in a garage straight jacket, stuffed to the gills with hallucinogens and suffering from cattarrh... would only sound about half as skizo as Dalmatian Rex on this, their debut full length release for Sorted (and their tracks on the "Brain cakes" and "Suction prints" comps both appear on the LP). You get an idea of the sound from the titles: "The encyclopedia of dental repair technology," "Born to photosynthesise," "Teaspoons are the instruments of Satan," "Chicken karma sutra" and so on. Sonically much like Gag at times, they have a stop/start kitchen sink mentality, tricky wobblesome riffs, dirty power chords, spoken word segments, Brussel sprout mantras---think Beefheart and the Fall.

You know how they say that if you were to sit down in one place, eventually everyone in the world would walk past? Well, if you sit and listen to this over and over, you'll eventually hear a bit of everyone who's done something interesting in rock music. 25 Oban St, Leicester, LE3 9GB

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