Fever, Too bad but true (DHR) CD

Only the other day I was describing the SMP album (see elsewhere) as the kind of sound I'd expect from DHR doing hip hop and now I've got the chance to find out. Fever stick a knife into the flaccid belly of contemporary hip hop and take a large step back (in the day) as the entrails spill out. Returning to the times when beats and rhymes were everything, Fever (two Berliners) proceed to fuck the beats up and bury them under a layer or two of sludge distortion and strange electronic tones, delivering the rhymes in the same twisting drawl employed by New Kingdom or Cypress Hill at their most stoned. It's a rejuvenation and a reinvention more fantastic than a mud-pack turning Yoda into Princess Leia. If it's futuristic technological hip hop you're after, or just some enormous breaks, forget the increasingly limp likes of B.O.B.B.Y D.I.G.I.T.A.L and get the furious beatfreakery of Digital Hardcore.
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