The Freed Unit, Things are looking up (Enraptured) CD

Things might be looking up, but they still sound as down as they ever did, The Freed Unit grubbing together ten tracks of their electronic grime for this new long-player. Like coffee made in the office, with its flecks of grease and year-old crust just below the rim, so the songs go. Flecks of synth noise pepper the basic beatbox and minor chordage, a crust of analogue machinery and its associated random variation around the edges. Haunting, almost childlike, vocals add a disquieting aura with lyrical content never quite clear but indisputably covering religion, society and turning back time. Things come to a head on the nihilistic "Everything is nothing", a 12-minute epic of drawn-out edginess yet strangely appealing and even uplifting, almost pretty. Things are looking ugly/beautiful.
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