Gag, A Friday face with a Friday smile (Voice of Shade) 7"

Step back in time with me to the murky past of 1992 where we find Gag in full noisy effect, happily cramming 8 tracks onto a small, round piece of plastic. And what songs they are, lurching and jerking spasmodically around, bursting into life and stopping dead, wilfully choosing bizarre time signatures and yet always staying listenable in the way, say, God Is My Co-Pilot also manage.

Gag, The thing I loathe but still ignore (Hemiola) 7"

Move on two years and we have another 4 songs in the same vein. A bit more jagged, perhaps, certainly darker. Like the Cardiacs fronted by Beefheart and playing Half Man Half Biscuit's guitars. The highlight is "R.V." which rides an almost-tune for about 30 seconds---the longest of any track on the record, despite this being the shortest song---before building to a scratchy crescendo and abruptly ending.

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