Gripper, Prostate boogie (Leaf) 12"

I played this on the radio last week and couldn't resist breaking into Grange Hill circa 1984---"Oh no, Grippah!" It's got beats to go with the nostalgia as well, taking Adam Ant's tribal version of the Glitter Band stomp but, instead of a fool in war paint prattling over the top, we get weird electronica and jazzy piano chords and, instead of the godawful racket you might expect, you get an amazing crossover. It's a cousin of last year's Black Dog "Bullitt" remixes, stepping from the 70's groove/film score into the sampladelic 90's but inexplicably stopping off en route in the 1980's. The rest of the e.p. shows off Alan Gubby's beat credentials with 3 more melodic melanges that straddle genre and description.
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