Hawaii Five-O, Hurricane Bob/Speed of weed (Beat Atlas) 7"

Two clear 7" singles that finally see the full release of some demo tracks reviewed here previously, with a couple remixed for extra grit. "Hurricane Bob" is probably the most unashamedly pop of the 6 tracks here---Kim Gordon fronting the Monkeys---but "Fry", on the b-side, is better with its nasty Hammond verse into sugar-coated chorus. "Speed of weed" opens the other disc, a slow builder from the fragile intro to the grinding wall of noise that recalls the fleetingly-popular-here-once Aussies Ratcat and back again. Best is saved til last, however, with "The Salem Strangler", a lurching Riot-grrrly theremin wildcat of a tune, swinging in a noisesome fashion from the straight and narrow. 6a Macmillan Ave, Christchurch 2, New Zealand.
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