Dave Hawkins, Angel and the Folksinger

There's no hint of the usual music biz hyperbole/deceit (delete as per your moral preference) here, the cover letter is signed musically yours, Dave Hawkins, singer-songwriter and the album is titled so as to create no illusions about what might be found on it. If you're thinking he can't possibly get an angel in (have you seen their session rates?) the one in question appears in a couple of songs; "Guardian Angel" and the title track.

These, along with 12 others, including the odd cover, make up the LP, a relatively traditional take on the folksy-bluesy formula. More-or-less. It's elevated above the merely average by a deft lyrical touch, "doesn't anybody want to hear any songs of mine?" begs Dave in "My heroes all ignore me" about a bad experience he had as a supposed covers artist, a willingness to add interesting instruments and percussion to the mix and the feeling of loving craft that pervades every song.

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