The Interpreters, Back in the U.S.S.A (Freeworld) LP

Only available on import at the moment, although destined to be signed at any minute if this debut and the live performances are anything to go by. These three stylish young men bang out their mod-ish pop like it's as easy as journalists seem to think it is to write 2 minute pop songs. None of the 16 tracks here make it to the 3:30 mark, and all of them have hooks big enough to land Jaws. And his dad. Not a million miles away from Dweeb at times, all "go, Go, GO!" and "Yeah! Yeah!", but infinitely better than Dweeb, sounding for all the world like a bunch of songs Pete Townshend forgot he'd written. 71 W.23rd St, New York, NY10010, USA.
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