Dr. Israel, Inna city pressure (Mutant Sound Systems) CD

The Doctor mashes up dub, reggae and jungle, ganja and Sabbath, social conscience and Rancid, technoid paranoia and dirty breakbeats, RUN DMC's cowbells and philosophy into one genuinely eclectic and forward-thinking album. Fusion, if it wasn't so loaded with negative connotations, would be a good description---a fusion, not of unrelated and unsuitable components, but of styles that lock into each other, the ska interface with Rancid, the hip hop and drum'n'bass cross-overs with dub, punk and reggae's long-standing relationship (musical and social) renewed and caressed into place. The main ingredient is the dub spine, heavily infected in the first half by junglist tendencies, which holds the whole thing together and comes to the fore in the later tracks although always giving room to the song. Which is just about my only gripe: the sequencing loads all the pounders up-front and the dub never really clangs low-down. A great record though.
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