Johnny Domino, Rabbit themes (Artists Against Success) CD

The first full album from AAS might well be the one that violates their eponymous manifesto. Johnny Domino peddle a cheerily ironic pop formula: Joy Division meets Mario Bros electro, embracing cheese melodies and the ghost of Half Man Half Biscuit on the way. "Sonja" buzzes with thick electronic organ tones and a relentless beatbox propels the monotone vox; "Vengo!" adds a ouch of Cable rumble and some subdued Elastica punctuation; "Are you prog?" is a bendy indie number elevated by the incorporation of some classic Bullseye lines and in "The Udigawa Contract" they contrarily "choose not to choose" over a slicing, squealing riff and the odd sci-fi effect. A really nice way to kick the new year off.
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