Jliat, Hilbet's hotel/Abhuta-parikalpita CD/12"

There's something primal about a lengthy drone, something spiritual about the rhythmic, cyclical blowing that creates the continuous sound of the didg from discrete breaths. Jliat understands the emotional impact of the monotone and exploits is on "Hilbert's hotel", his electronic drone limited only by the physical capacity of the compact disc itself . The single unchanging deep tone has most effect when it disappears into the background, only to be brought sharply back into focus by the alteration of some external sound, leaving you like the proverbial rabbit gazing at the oncoming headlights.

The 12" reprises the concept with a harsher, trebly "virtual guitar" white noise wash, one per side although the difference in tonal value makes this unlikely to be assimilated into background noise. And it's a difference that Jliat appreciates, hand-picking his sonic tools to tune your mood. Or is it a load of pretentious arse? or 13 Wells Rd, Walshingham, Norfolk, NR22 6DL.

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