Job, Party at Ilan's (Feast Or Famine) CD

Improvised Jazz and ambient music is very much suck-it-and-see for me; hard to predict in advance what's going to be good or work out why when you've found something you like. One thing I have noticed, though, is that books can determine how well a record goes down and vice versa. Further, in a case of weird symbiosis, everything I've chosen to review while reading J.G. Ballard's "Low flying aircraft" collection---a series of bleak post-industrial future histories---has been fragmentary, post-musical collage and spontaneity (see also the Argos Fiasco and Sean Parker reviews). I don't know which impulse is feeding the other, but I do know that they marry well. In Job's case the improvisation is varied, including some snowscape drone ("The dream editor"), some interstellar laser shoot-outs ("Clear"), a muted dinner party conversation ("Hi I'm Phil nice to meet you") and album highlight "Humdinga zoobah" which lets loose a St. Vitus robot funk squelch bass and slide guitar combination then reigns them in with the tightest beats on the disc.

By cleverly keeping many of the tracks short and thus removing the analogy between musical self-indulgence and self-abuse, Job have delivered a suitably fractured accompaniment for thought-provoking reading matter. 675 Tennessee St #2 San Francisco, CA 94107

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