John Wayne Army, Closing time at the last chance saloon (Calavera) CD

This album is a soundtrack to not one, but several, films. It's Nick Cave driving a pick-up across dusty Mid-America, eating burgers in greasy diners and drinking Bud and Jack in run-down cowshed Blues bars. On the other hand, it's also John Spencer driving a Transit around the Camden back streets, eating burgers in greasy Burger Kings and drinking Thunderbird in the back rooms of countless dirty pubs. In fact, it's both of these and more. JWA inhabit the same grimy suburbs of Rock as the likes of Groop Dogdrill and the Blues Explosion; rockabilly meets thick distortion r'n'b with a crunchy tribal topping. Where they score over the others is the change of pace in slower, but intense, songs like "Build my gallows high" that trade male and female vocal parts for the extra dimension. 112 Stanway Court London N1 6RU or
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