Kodiak, Kodiak (One Louder) CD

There is precious little common ground between the worlds of science and music (trust your grizzled punk rock correspondent who, by day, grafts away at his---already 18 months overdue---PhD) but Kodiak show where the intersection lies: In science, ideas are advanced into the public domain to be adopted, adapted or incorporated into other theories...or just plain ignored. In music it's the same. Every now and again some radical new sound will explode (punk, drum'n'bass etc) and over a couple of years be incorporated into the mainstream.

Now, back at the arse end of the 70's, power punk professors Mould and Hart put forward a blueprint for melodic, intense guitar pop that has stood us in good stead for the best part of 20 years. Kodiak recognise that when it ain't broke, you don't fix it, but take advantage of additional research which has thrown up the Fugazi Effect, Prof. Mould's own Sugar Experiment and the tuneful revisionism of China Drum. Enough of the tired analogy! The Kodiak LP is, as was promised, an edgy emo blast which is simultaneously both harcore and pop. A difficult trick effortlessly performed.

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